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What are Tree Shears?

Tree shears are a powerful and versatile tool, typically a hydraulic attachment, used for felling and delimbing trees. Tree shears are an asset for site clearance companies in Scotland, and range in size and capability. Many types of tree shears are equipped to handle large diameter trees.

For the mechanical felling of trees, either for land management or timber harvesting, you won't find a quicker and more versatile method than using tree shears. 

With our excavators, utilise tree shears to boost site clearance productivity. Using tree shears to cut and handle timber keeps ground disturbance to a minimum and reduces labour costs for our customers. Serious results are delivered every time. 

With tree shears, a firm reduces the need for grounds teams to personally handle and fell the timber, or work at height. When handling diseased or dying trees, mechanical felling is far quicker and safer than using a grounds team. Without requiring intensive use of chainsaws and personnel, riskier clearances by buildings or bodies of water can also be tackled safely and strategically by using the excavator's reach.

We service customers across southern Scotland and beyond - we handle site clearance, timber harvesting, excavator hire, firewood and much more. If you would like more information about any of our services... just get in touch!

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